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Posted on December 2, 2012. Filed under Vanessa.
Feel Mature housewife Vanessa is one hot cougar so when Libor comes to the door selling magazines, she tells him to come in for a drink as she looks through his selections. She takes him to the living room where she shows him a few selections of her own including her shaved...

Eat Me

Posted on November 12, 2012. Filed under Vanessa, Jessica.
Eat Me It's quite beautiful watching two mature women making love. Jessica and Vanessa are both mothers still in their mid-30s and yearning for sex, their desires are as strong as they ever were and they love meeting up with their girlfriends for some quick sex! Enjoy...

Husband And Wife

Posted on November 2, 2012. Filed under Vanessa.
Husband And Wife That guy has a huge cock. A big fat cock that this older lady really seems to enjoy. First, she sucks on it. To make sure it is good and hard. You'll see that she has a plan. You see, she loves sex just as much as you do. She's an old pervert. That's exactly what she...


Posted on November 1, 2012. Filed under Vanessa, Olivia.
Longing Before the birth of her son three years ago Olivia had never had a sexual experience with another woman. But she is now an experienced pussy-eater, I love the way women smell, the way they try it, and the thought of eating pussy excites her now....