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Cleanse Ourselves

Posted on January 18, 2013. Filed under Simone.
A true ladies man, George knows just how to pleasure a lady and his combination of skill, experience and genuine love for oral makes for some incredible foreplay! Simone is on the edge of orgasm throughout the whole scene, we knew such a highly sexed couple would create some of the most mind blowing scenes we've ever made and even off camera they were very affectionate and couldn't wait for round two... George has the stamina most men dream of and teamed with his ripped body he is able to lift Simone into position with ease, creating the most amazing angles that set her body on fire. It was a jot to watch Simone be filled with such pleasure as George pummelled into her over and over, his eyes firmly locked onto hers as all she could do was let herself be taken over the edge. We love Simone's facial expressions, her sexual appetite is through the roof and every stroke brings a huge smile to her face, especially when she's in control and revelling in driving her partner crazy with her hypnotic body.
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